Yellow Fingernails

Getting Yellow Fingernails Without All the Polish

Yellow fingernails aren’t just caused by leaving on your colored polish too long, but it can be an indicator of your health as well.  Many people believe the only way to get yellow fingernails is a result of a fungus under the nail but that isn’t the case.

Liver disease can be evident when getting that yellow fingernail color.  Jaundice is what many refer to as the yellowing of the eyes and the skin, but it also appears in your fingernails.  Diabetes and lung disease can also make the fingernails turn yellow as it changes the blood vessels ability to run to the surface of any trauma.  Usually when a person is in good health, they will see their fingers turn a pink or reddish color when they are cold, but they tend to turn yellow with any of the previously listed conditions.

Fungus can certainly cause the nails to turn yellow.  Once a fungus is under the nail and is in the nail bed, then it will continue to grow and make the skin flaky and irritated around the nail.  This is a good indication that there is a problem.  The nail will turn more yellow over time, and make even make the nail appear as though it’s going to rot.  Once the infection gets to this level, your doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic for you to take to kill the infection. 

Smoking is also another cause of yellow fingernails.  The residue from the smoke and the nicotine itself cause that yellowing to appear, so its effects are twice the problem. The effects of the smoking are now internal and external because anything you breathe in goes into your blood stream.   There are some simple solutions to help fix the yellowing of the nails, one of which is lemon juice.  More than likely this is something that you have in your refrigerator at home, and if you don’t then get some.  It is usually advised that you are using natural lemon juice, not something with added chemicals in it, as this will ruin the effects of the removal of the fungus which is causing the yellow fingernails.   The sugar in the processed lemon juice may also irritate the bacteria.  Bacteria and sugar love each other, so this is not wise if you can avoid it.  Try to opt for natural lemon juice when possible.

Ladies will be so disappointed to find out that constantly wearing nail polish is bothersome when looking to keep natural, white looking nails.  Even if wearing light colors, fingernails cannot get the oxygen they need to look that natural blush color.  Wearing red nail polish is even worse.  The longer the red nail polish is on the nail, the longer it will adhere to the nail surface and bed and begin to turn it yellow.  Keep this in mind especially when getting your nails done, because the acrylic nails are definitely a problem.  Not only does polish keep the nails from getting oxygen, the acrylic covering and the false nails keep your nail bed covered up, causing moisture and extra humidity to build fungus up under the nail.

Nail fungus is much more common in toe nails then fingernails.  That is probably more likely only because your feet are covered up more frequently than your hands.  The feet are constantly in shoes, and sweat a lot, whereas your hands are out in the open and exposed to the air so they have the ability to breathe.  

Sometimes home treatments do work, but depending on how advanced the fungal growth is it may not work.  Using a foot bath with a mixture of peroxide and warm water will certainly show you that there is infection because it will begin to bubble and start working.  While it may be effective, it may not kill the source so this is when antibiotics may be introduced.  There are a few treatments in tablet form; Sporanox and Lamisil.  These are the two most common options that doctors will prescribe for a nail fungus.  Just keep in mind going forward that the earlier you catch it, the easier the course of treatment will be.